Meet Louis Scotti

Lou founded Our Emotional Life so that people would have a credible resource for understanding their emotions, where they come from, and how they affect their lives. Learn how to become more aware and in control of your emotions.

Welcome To Our Emotional Life

At Our Emotional Life, we are dedicated to the emotional well-being of others. The courses are designed for your specific emotional goals. Every person is unique and the course they take should reflect their individuality.  Watch the video and learn more about the course structure.

Crossing the River

Complementary Introductory Course

Our Emotional Life introductory course is a free online course titled, Our Emotional Life, The Neuroscience of Our Emotions.  This course teaches us how our brain builds itself in early childhood and youth, and how our environment and experiences develop our emotions and personality. This course helps us to understand how certain areas of our brain change with stress, and how these changes can lead to worry, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. Learn how to use your brain's neuroplasticity to reduce stress and improve your emotional control.

Our Emotional Life Courses
  • Consultation

    Preliminary Consultation is a thirty-minute discussion that allows us to get to know each other, and discover what your particular emotional goals are.  We will discuss the way the courses work, the process required for improving our emotional life, and how we structure the course for your unique emotional goals.  Each of us wants a better understanding, and control of our emotions. Let's have a conversation and discover your unique goals and how together we can achieve them

  • Break The Ice

    Break the ice is a one-hour discussion about your emotional goals. Uncover the underlying cause of negative emotions and how they creat stress, and emotional distress. Let's discover how emotions affect your life, and what we can do to reduce stress.

  • Get your Feet Wet

    A one-month course designed to help you become more aware of your emotions and how they affect your life, where they come from, and how to improve emotional understanding and control. The first step for improving anything is to become more aware of what we feel and why. Then with this awareness we can begin to practice responding to our emotional triggers in a more productive manner.

  • Dive In

    A three-month program. This program is for dedicated and committed individuals. Three months of weekly assignments and online discussions. This course offers a complete review of all aspects of your emotional life. We will discuss your emotions where they come from, how to become more aware of your emotions, and how to improve emotional control, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Learn to understand the relationship between your emotions and your life outcomes.


Our Emotional Life

While many books talk about understanding and controlling one’s emotions very few are honest about how difficult it is to accomplish. Our Emotional Life pries opens the truth about our emotions delving deep into what makes our emotions tick at the conscious and unconscious levels.

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The Quality of My Life Depends on the Quality of Your's

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Hello, My name is Louis Scotti, I would like to help you improve your emotional life.

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