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Our Emotional Life, The Neuroscience of Our Emotions

Lou Is a passionate individual driven to helping others reach their goals. The joy felt when someone reaches their goals is magnificent. Lou recognized the need for people to delve into their emotions in an effort to understand and improve their emotional life. 

Our Emotional Life

Book Description

While many books talk about understanding and controlling one’s emotions very few are honest about how difficult it is to accomplish. Lou acknowledges the struggle we all have with our emotions and offers knowledge and insights gained through scientific research and his personal experience.


Lou understands that for us to control our emotions we must understand our emotions, where they come from, and how deeply they affect our life. Our Emotional Life pries open the truth about our emotions with a direct no-nonsense approach delving deep into what makes our emotions tick at the conscious and unconscious levels.

Our brains architecture builds itself in early childhood and youth creating neural connections to key areas of the brain responsible for determining our ability to learn, deal with stress, develop meaningful relationships have confidence, and set and reach goals, and how stress and negative early childhood experiences block these key neural connections leading to problems learning, coping and developing confidence.

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