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     Lou Scotti is a family and youth interaction specialist, educator, speaker and founder of Conversations We All Should Have. Lou believes that to live a good life, a person should learn to do something of value, very well and then use what has been learned to serve others. Lou noticed that there was no real programs that focused on the key factors in early childhood and youth which are responsible for success and happiness later in life. Lou wondered why these skills were not being formally and intentionally taught to families and individuals. Lou made it his mission to take the current success and happiness research and create an educational resource in a program/course that provides parents and families access to credible knowledge and methodology for practice and development of these skills. With there being a gap in this area and so many parents seeking a reliable source of knowledge and methodology for personal, family and child improvement Lou feels confident in his ability to contribute to the betterment of families and children. Conversations We All Should Have offers improvement of family, child and youth through learning and practicing developmental and experiential knowledge and skills.  These skills provide the underlying support that buildup resiliency, protective, mental, emotional and behavioral factors that support success and happiness.


     Lou is a graduate of Adelphi University & NYU Post Graduate Medical. A former NYU Post Graduate Medical School instructor. Lou is a highly proficient teacher with vast experience in developing and implementing educational programs. Lou chaired and developed entrance criteria and acted as lead instructor for federally granted program at the Educational Opportunities Commission, Bronx, N.Y...  Having designed and facilitated after school and summer programs for youth Lou understands what children want and need. With considerable knowledge of the effects of human interaction in early childhood and youth on success and well-being, Lou is eager to support those that recognize the need to

learn and improve through practice.                                                                                                               

     The present majority of success and well-being education is focused on crisis intervention.  What Lou discovered is that Science and research clearly verifies that the way we interact early in life determines the quality of our relationships and success later in life. So Lou developed a course that improves how we relate and interact with each other and ourselves improving our thinking, emotions and behaviors developing patience, optimism, self esteem, emotional control and self regulation. Lou spent years researching and developing the program Conversations We All Should Have, diminishing the need for and reduces crisis intervention later. 


    Lou’s accomplishments reflect a sincere desire to learn and offers vast experience in developing programs for the betterment of families, youth and individuals. Lou has always been a teacher and motivator driven to learn and is passionate about other people’s success. Conversations We All Should Have is a different kind of company designed specifically for families and individuals to learn and grow. 


     As Chairmen, for federally granted technicians program in Prosthetics and Orthotics at the Educational Opportunities Commission, Bronx, N.Y. Lou developed entrance criteria and acted as lead instructor for the program. Lou also served as Professor at NYU post graduate medical school in Spinal Orthotics, Successfully established and operated a prosthetic and orthotic facility serving several hospitals in the NY area, Developed a blood born pathogen procedures for the orthotic and prosthetic profession, Devised a complete operational and procedures manual for the orthotic and prosthetic profession, Developed several lecture series in orthotic and prosthetic education for physicians. Achieved Black Belt status in several martial arts systems over a thirty year period and owned his own martial arts school.


     After designing and implementing summer and after school programs for the youth of the community Lou saw the need for a family and individual program that stressed the importance of specific interactive skills learned early in life that allow for success and happiness later in life. Lou developed the program Conversations We All Should Have. When people and children have frequent conversations on important topics they develop Patience, Optimism, Self Esteem, Emotional Control and Self Regulation. These are the underlying skills of success.

        Currently Lou is pursuing implementation of the Program Conversations We All Should Have, The Thinking, Emotions And Behaviors of Success and Well-Being, into schools, churches and homes. For more information please contact Lou Through the contact page. 


Success depends on:

  • How you interact with other people

  • How you interact with yourself


Advance Your Thinking
Control Your Emotions

Balance Your Behavior




     I establish the means and method for families and individuals to have all the conversations that are important for the success of each individual. We focus on the primary and most significant contributor to success and happiness, the way children learn to interact in childhood and youth.  When families have conversations about certain topics often, children learn to interact with others and themselves. These interactive interpersonal and intra-personal skills allow for success and well-being in life. Most families and youth and individuals delay or never recognize the need to have certain conversations. The course Conversation We All Should Have is designed so that family’s youth and individuals can go through a simple workbook and have all the conversations that they need to have. These conversations establish a means to better develop knowledge and skills in regards to values, understanding emotions and how to express them productively and many other important topics as listed in the program outline.



       I love people. With what experience has taught me and what God has given me I have always been able to connect with people. Watching someone smile when a goal is reached is wonderful. The joy and sense of fulfillment felt through accomplishment is sensational and self-illuminating. Success is a place each of us wants and deserves to be. For me the greatest accomplishment is helping someone succeed. With the proper knowledge and skill success and happiness will occur. My quest is to help others achieve their individual level of lasting success and fulfillment.


       My mission is to improve the life of every person I come in contact with and in doing so improve my own. I will assist in the growth of each person's inner self, developing the character required to acquire lasting success and happiness Together we will challenge ourselves, growing individually recognizing our full potential. Using long and short term goals in conjunction with knowledge and self-awareness we will live happier more successful lives.​



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