Conversations We All Should Have

Youth Program



for Youth




To be good at or improve anything we need


  • Knowledge and skill

  • Methodology for skill development / practice, Realization of the need to improve through formal intentional learning

  • Belief in self, self efficacy

  • Support


     Young people are my favorite people. They are eager to learn and want structure and guidance. By having conversations on important topics and implementing and practicing certain skills we will over time increase patience, optimism, self-esteem, emotional control and self regulation. These skills are what allow success and happiness to develop later in life. Today's society and the complications of the age in which we live exacerbate the difficulties with raising children. My goal is to establish goals short and long term for both child and parent that coincide. Parent and child will increase their ability to communicate with each other as well as learn more about themselves. Sometimes we are to close to a situation to see the path to resolution. I can help. Depending on the particulars of the situation we will create a path towards a better life with understanding, patience and work.
     Due to the significant importance of such an effort I accept a limited number of youth to mentor. This is due to the delicate and important nature of such a relationship. Please contact me through the contact page so that we can discuss the situation further.


      Emotions anger and fear can be used as the tools that they are, helping us to navigate choices; or emotions can rule us leading to great pain and disappointment. Learning to use emotions properly is important for success and happiness in life


      Youth have been bombarded with electronics and its hurting them. If your child is constantly focused on the phone, computer and video games they are missing some of life's wonder. Using simple strategies we can develop habits that will enable and empower your child to look up and learn what the rest of the world has to show them.


​     Bullying can have devastating consequences. Learning to deal with bullies properly offers great life lessons. Learn proper thinking and tactics for dealing with those that use force and emotional abuse against us.



Please contact me for further discussion. It would be a pleasure to speak with you.  

Lou Scotti



  • Welcome, Preliminary discussion, Why are we here?

  • What we are willing to do to accomplish our goals?

  • Family Meetings and protocols   

  • Success 

  • Values   

  • Goals       

  • Understanding and Expressing Emotions  

  • Communication

  • Questions as Direction

  • Mission statement finish

  • Character Development    

  • Peer Pressure                                 

  • Choices and Consequences

  • Family Guidelines

  • Gratitude

  • Time Management     

  • Teaching Financial Responsibility           

  • Using Electronic Devices properly

  • Stranger awareness                        

  • Instilling Motivation

  • Recognizing Abilities/Skills

  • Preparing for Challenges   failures and mistakes 

  • Teaching Skills outside your skillset

  • Keeping the program going. Avoiding accommodation

  • Preparing for the grammar school to high school shift.

  • Discussing intimate relationships and responsibilities.

  • Play time

  • Prejudice and bias

  • Reading

  • Overindulgence

  • Risk taking

  • Continuation and review of materials

  • Reinforcement of habits 

  • Progressive self-reliance


Increased Patience

Improved Self Esteem

Increased Optimism

Emotional Control / Self-Control

Improved Self Regulation
Better Goal Development

Better Conflict Resolution/Coping Skills

Improved Relationships

Improved Happiness