Louis Scotti
Emotion Advisor




You registered for The Seven Transformative Steps for Emotional Freedom. I am looking forward to working with you. Our emotional life defines the quality of our life. How we deal with our emotions says a lot about us. This course, is all about your agenda, your goals, and why you want to improve your emotions. We need to understand why we feel the way we do, and the effect of our emotions on the choices we make. Our Emotional Life’s focus is on learning to become aware of and understand our emotions in an effort to better control our emotions, advance our thinking, and balance our behavior.

Please remember to be patient with yourself. Also, be patient with the course; give the course time to develop. Some concepts will be obvious, others may take time to understand; this is natural.

Please review the course outline. Each week there will be videos and readings to review, and forms to fill out, for the next session.

  • Videos: The videos have a link to all the videos. (Link below) You select the required videos for the session and review before the session.


  • Readings: Read the selected pages for each session from the book. (Link below)


  • Forms: Fill out any forms chosen for the next session. (Download the forms' packet)


  • Purchase: A notebook to use during the course


I am looking forward to your first session. The first few sessions will have many questions. These questions allow us to create an understanding of your emotional story, your life, and help establish your particular emotional goals. See you soon. Keep learning.

Louis Scotti

Our Emotional Life.


  • Download Folder link:


Prior to the first session

Please fill out the following forms:

  • Emotional goals/strengths and weaknesses

  • Acceptance form

  • Adult questioner

  • Emotional checkup.


Please view the following videos:

  • Acceptance

  • Introduction, Our brains software

  • How our brain builds itself, Areas of the brain

  • How the brain is wired

  • It's time to play; what's your level of awareness


We will discuss the information in the videos and forms during our first sessions. Keep learning.


Thank You

Louis Scotti

Our Emotional Life