CONVERSATIONS WE ALL SHOULD HAVE courses require a commitment. These courses aim at a deeper understanding of ourselves. Understanding ourselves is the key to lasting success and happiness. If you have a desire to become a better person, more successful and happy, these courses will assist you. Remember I offer guidance and support you will do the work. It is in effort that success is earned, there is no other way.



      This is a six month course in developing a stronger character. The course creates a format for recognizing your character traits. This means discovering what is strong in your nature and what is not. With this awareness we will improve with daily, weekly and monthly assignments. Emotional maturity is part of character. Emotions are an important aspect of our lives but if they control us we are doomed to unhappiness. Greater understanding of emotions allows us to use emotions as the tools that they are; tools that tell us about ourselves and our environment. When used properly emotions can help guide and better our lives. With practice you will better yourself by becoming aware of different choices when challenges arise. Making different choices creates better outcomes. With practice and support you will change your life by changing the way you think and react. Between stimulus and response is where choice exists. Learn to react with proper choices not emotional re activeness and unbalanced desires. Please contact me through the contact page for further discussion.


      Leadership uses wisdom to empower others. This requires great knowledge, skill and dedication. To lead one must know what motivates people. To understand others one must know themselves. Leadership development requires serious commitment to one's self. The leadership program develops personal assets, character and communication to a higher standard. Please contact me through the contact page for further discussion.


      This course is designed to uncover your entire truth of your life. Why you are here, what you are supposed to do and how to do it. With the goal of success and happiness many people miss the mark. The way you look at life, your beliefs, sprout the life you grow into. Beginning with your purpose the understanding must be correct for the knowledge that follows to be on the correct path. Passion is about pursuing your interests through work and play allowing your life to have proper balanced passion. Power is acquired over time and once gained power can be used for the empowerment of others or for selfish reasons. Power through empowerment is the proper choice allowing lasting success and happiness. Peace as a state of well-being is the most sought acquisition in life. Choices made in life that consider peace as a goal will more often lead to lasting success and happiness. This course travels through the 4 P"s of success with knowledge, discussion and personal development . Please contact me through the contact page for further discussion.


     Spirituality is the aspiring to reach ones full potential through self-discovery, acquiring specific knowledge and challenging one's self through the opportunity of opposition from conflicts within us. This course offers a path of self discovery. Through self-awareness and knowledge one can learn the principles for lasting, success, happiness and fulfillment.The Four In One Program s designed for the individual that endeavors to develop all aspects of their person.

     The course establishes personal goals in each of the four areas. Each area of interest requires independent as well as integrated study in regards to all four categories. This course is extensive with two hours a week of direct discussion and four to six hours a week of additional study research and assignment. The course requires one year of commitment.