The Quality of My Life Depends on the Quality of Your's


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The 7 Transformative Steps For Emotional Freedom  $3500

Please schedule a consultation before registering for the program

A ten-week program. 
This program is for dedicated and committed individuals, with ten weeks of weekly assignments and online discussions. This course provides a complete review of all aspects of your emotional life. We will discuss your emotional story, your strengths, and your weaknesses, and your emotional goals. We will discuss your emotions, where they come from, how to become more aware of your emotions, and how to improve emotional control. Each session, we will discuss the previous week's assignments and evaluate your progress. We will use various methods for increasing awareness, understanding your emotional triggers, and learning new ways of responding to your emotions and reducing stress, anxiety, or depression.  Learn to understand the relationship between your emotions and your life outcomes. I am looking forward to our first session. Thank you

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Additional Sessions
(Only available for people that have taken full ten-week course)


Additional sessions are available.


Sometimes there is a need to schedule an extra session(s). When we take a course there are times when we may want to ask a few more questions or review a particular topic. Anyone that wants some extra time should have the opportunity to do so.


Also at a later date following the completion of a course, we may want to refresh and re-establish our goals. 

An extra session can be helpful.