The Quality of My Life Depends on the Quality of Your's


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Consultation  Complementary

Preliminary Consultation is a thirty-minute discussion that allows us to get to know each other, and discover what your particular emotional goals are.  We will discuss the way the courses work, the process required for improving our emotional life, and how we structure the course for your unique emotional goals.  Each of us wants a better understanding, and control of our emotions. Let's have a conversation and discover your unique goals and how together we can achieve them.

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Preliminary Course   Free On Udemy

Our Emotional Life introductory course is a free online course titled, Our Emotional Life, The Neuroscience of Our Emotions.  This course teaches us how our brain builds itself in early childhood and youth, and how our environment and experiences develop our emotions and personality. This course helps us to understand how certain areas of our brain change with stress, and how these changes can lead to worry, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. Learn how to use your brain's neuroplasticity to reduce stress, and improve your emotional control.  Keep Learning!


Break The Ice   $175

The Emotional Checkup is a one-time, one-hour conversation. You will receive a questioner to complete. An appointment will be scheduled for an online discussion to review the questioner and any other topics of concern. The questioner is designed to improve understanding of your emotional life. The questions broach topics you might not otherwise delve into by yourself. This is done in an effort to learn more about your emotions, thinking, and behaviors, and their relationship to the quality of our emotional life. The one-hour session is rewarding and helps you learn to better understand your emotions, where they come from, and how you might learn to gain better control of your emotions. Keep Learning!


Get your Feet Wet   $450

One Month Course

Get your feet wet is a one-month course that focuses on learning to increase knowledge and awareness of your emotions and their effect on your life. Assignments will be completed each week with four weekly discussions. Awareness is the first step for the improvement of any skill. Only when we become aware of our strengths and our weaknesses can we improve them. This course is all about recognizing our emotions where they come, why we respond the way that we do, and how to improve the way we respond to emotional stimuli. Knowing why we respond the way we do allows us to better understand the consequences of our emotions improve emotional control and decrease stress anxiety and depression. Please schedule a complimentary consultation. Let’s talk


Dive In  $3500

A three-month program. Dive in.
This program is for dedicated and committed individuals. Three months of weekly assignments and online discussions. This course offers a complete review of all aspects of your emotional life. We will go through an emotional checkup and adult questionnaire which offers questions that allow us to understand your emotional story, your strengths, and your weaknesses. We will discuss your emotions where they come from, how to become more aware of your emotions, and how to improve emotional control. Each session we will discuss the previous week’s assignments and evaluate our progress. We will use various methods for increasing awareness, and ways of understanding our emotional triggers, and learning new ways of responding to our emotions, reduce stress, anxiety, or depression.  Learn to understand the relationship between your emotions and your life outcomes.

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Additional Sessions  $175

Additional sessions are available.


Sometimes there is a need to schedule an extra session(s). When we take a course there are times when we may want to ask a few more questions or review a particular topic. Anyone that wants some extra time should have the opportunity to do so.


Also at a later date following the completion of a course, we may want to refresh and re-establish our goals. 

An extra session can be helpful.