Knowledge is not enough for success and success is not enough for happiness. Success and happiness require specific character traits. People with strong character are successful and happy. This lecture discusses the traits of character that preclude success and happiness and how to develop these traits strongly in our lives. Why not reach success and find happiness waiting there. Success gained without happiness as a partner dwindles in its achievement leaving people with a sense of lacking.

    Character is partially a function of how we regulate our emotions. Emotions are an important aspect of our lives; they are tools for improving our lives. We can understand our emotions and use them to develop stronger character or we can let emotions rule our lives. If emotions rule us life is stressed and unfulfilling. Character development speaks to understanding emotions and the positive choices they provide if we let them. Recognizing our emotions and our responses to them allows us to create better more productive choices. Lasting success and happiness require that we strengthen our character by learning about the choices we make.​

    True leadership uses power not force. Leadership does not use people for the sake of control and self indulgence. Leadership does not manipulate it guides, it does not order it enables; it uses knowledge and skill to enable others to choose their strengths to contribute to a cause or mission. This course develops the tools and skills leadership requires and then provides practice formats for development.

This lecture incorporates:
~Understanding Purpose and Recognizing Abilities
~Developing Passion Through Interests
~Developing Personal Power Through Character
~Acquiring Peace Through Balance

      Success defined with the incorporation of happiness requires understanding the 4 P's of success, purpose, passion, power and peace. This lecture discuses the progressive relationship between the 4 P's of success. Each level dependent on the previous. Peace or well being, the goal of all people, will be elusive without the proper knowledge in the proper order. This lecture is designed to uncover the truth of life. Why we are here, what we are supposed to do and how to do it. With the goal of success and happiness many people miss the mark. The way we look at life, our beliefs, sprout the life we grow into. Beginning with our purpose the understanding must be correct for the knowledge that follows to be on the correct path. Passion is about pursuing your interests through work and play allowing your life to have proper balanced passion. Power is acquired over time and once gained power will be used for empowering yourself through the empowerment of others or for selfish reasons. Empowerment of others allows lasting success and happiness. Peace as a state of well being is the most sought acquisition in life. Choices made in life that consider peace as a goal will more often lead to lasting success and happiness. This course travels throught the 4 P"s of success with knowledge, discussion and personal development . Please contact me through the contact page for further discussion.