Conversations We All Should Have

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Lectures & Seminars



     I enjoy presenting a lecture about Our Emotional Life to anyone that will listen. Please contact me if you would like me to provide a presentation for your group. The group could be a group of families, students, PTA"S, or any group, or organization.  Lectures are given to explain how our emotions and stress affect our life. Learn how we can improve our emotional life, and reduce worry, stress, anxiety, depression. Free lectures are limited to one hour.



   The best way to learn something is to experience the lesson. Effective learning uses knowledge and experience. Each of us learned our emotions, through our experiences in early childhood and youth.  For most of us, this experiential learning was with limited guidance, and the lessons learned were not always optimal.  As adults, we continue to use what was learned even if what was learned was incomplete or lacking.  The workshop is all about becoming aware of our emotions, our triggers, responses, and how to improve our emotions through new experiences and experiential learning.


     Our Emotional Life workshops are dynamic and exciting, allowing us to put into action what we learn.  We select a particular emotion like anger or fear. We act out different scenarios regarding that emotion. Then we discuss various responses to this emotion and the subsequent consequences.  The process allows us to develop a larger menu for reacting to emotional stimuli. 


     The workshop allows us to increase knowledge about, and become more aware of our emotions. We learn how each different response creates its own consequences.  This workshop will help us improve our emotional control and reduce stress, worry, anxiety, depression, impulsiveness, and bad habits.  Come join us.  Keep learning!




Please contact me to discuss having a lecture or seminar.  I'd enjoy speaking with you. Keep Learning!