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Conversations We All Should Have

Preliminary Consultation

Preliminary consultation is a thirty-minute discussion that allows us to get to know each other, and discover what your particular emotional goals are.  We will discuss the way the courses work, the process required for improving our emotional life, and how we structure the course for your unique emotional goals.  Each of us wants a better understanding, and control of our emotions. Let's have a conversation and discover your unique goals and how together we can achieve them.   


Introductory Course

Our Emotional Life introductory course is a free online course titled, Our Emotional Life, The Neuroscience of Our Emotions.  This course teaches us how our brain builds itself in early childhood and youth, and how our environment and experiences develop our emotions and personality. This course helps us to understand how certain areas of our brain change with stress, and how these changes can lead to worry, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. Learn how to use your brain's neuroplasticity to reduce stress and improve your emotional control.            LINK TO UDEMY


The course is free and is listed on Udemy. Click the link to view the course. 


Get Your Feet Wet

Emotional Checkup

The Emotional Checkup is a one-time, one-hour conversation. You will receive a questioner to complete. An appointment will be scheduled for an online discussion to review the questioner and any other topics of concern. The questioner is designed to improve understanding of your emotional life. The questions broach topics you might not otherwise delve into by yourself. This is done in an effort to learn more about our emotions, thinking, and behaviors, and their relationship to the quality of our emotional life. The one-hour session is rewarding and helps you learn to better understand your emotions, where they come from, and how you might learn to gain better control of your emotions. Keep Learning!


Break The Ice

One Month Course

Break the ice is a one-month course that focusses on learning to increase knowledge and awareness of your emotions and their effect on your life. Assignments will be completed with a weekly forty-five-minute discussion.


Dive In

Three Month Program

This program is for dedicated committed individuals. Three months of weekly assignments and online discussions 



Lectures and Seminar/Workshops

Lectures are offered for any group or organization that wants to learn more about how our emotions and personality are created and how stress creates changes in our brain that lead to worry anxiety, depression, impulsive behavior, self-defeating behaviors, self-harm, and other personality issues. 

Seminars are scheduled for a full four to six hour day.  Seminar/workshops  



The following course is a one-month commitment.


The course consists of four conversations, one a week. We will determine your unique circumstances and establish new ways for you to practice and implement methods for positive change. Only with recognition can we begin to improve upon a situation and only when we accept responsibility for that change, our fault or not, can we begin to make things better. This is true whether the problem is because of us or others, it’s up to us to be the change.



Conversations About Parenting

Conversations About Bullying

Conversations About Stress

Conversations About Depression

     The greatest contributor to a child's future success and happiness is the way families interact and communicate and how often they do so. The simplest way for a parent to better the family is to better themselves. If you wish to seek out and learn more about being a parent this course is a good beginning. Give us a call so we can discuss how you might improve your relationship with your children. 

Having difficulty dealing with the bully mindset. Learn to understand the way a bully thinks and how to properly confront them. Learn how you might be vulnerable to a bullies attacks and change the way others perceive you or your child.  

     We all have stress. Sometimes stress can become overwhelming and difficult to cope with. This course offers knowledge and methodology for relieving stress and learning to reconize and reduce stress in the future.

Depression is a normal feeling but can also become unbalanced. When this occurs it is often necessary to get assistance to help and support you. Thoughts can become negative and difficult to alter. Changing our thoughts requires conversation and time. Depending on the degree of depression we can offer you support and guidance. Contact us so we may have a discussion to determine if we can assist you in regaining control of your mind. 

Conversations About Anger

Anger can be a useful tool when used properly. When anger begins to become a standard reaction, we need help. Let's discover why you or your child is angry. Then we can introduce new ways of doing things to understand and reduce the need to be angry.  If you need anger to be in control, your anger is in control of you. Contact us and let's have a conversation.