Conversations We All Should Have

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Initial Consultation
Our first conversation will be to assess your goals and determine our compatibility. If we both agree to work together we will move to the next phase.​​​​​

Schedule Sessions
Sessions will be scheduled according to your particular requirements.

Term of Relationship
The term of each relationship varies. The minimum term shall be one month, three months would be better. With youth mentoring the term shall be longer (six  months) due to the personal and critical nature of the relationship.

Each person shall be required to complete various assignments in a timely fashion, communicate honestly and work with positive intent.

When you choose to engage in the program for you or your child the fees are outlined on the acquire services page.   



Initial consultation
To assess your business needs and determine if personal consulting, a lecture, seminar, in house review or training is required.

As per discussion.

As per discussion

For further information please contact me through the contact page. Thank you​

The program

Conversations We All Should Have,

The Thinking Emotions and Behaviors of Success and Well-Being.


The programs are one month or three months with weekly discussion on a particular topic. Following discussion there will be practice assigned for the week. The following week we will review the previous week’s assignment and introduce a new topic for the week with associated practice.



On completion of the three month programs each family member or individual will receive

  • A certificate of completion that reflects the commitment of time and effort given to complete the program.

  • A calendar with picture of your choice and weekly, monthly, twice yearly or yearly reminders of conversations and or activities that reinforce the supportive aspects of relationship and the skills that allow success and happiness.

  • Continued support with a newsletter

  • Connection through the web site with other people that completed the program (Optional)











"Mr Scotti showed me how to recognize my talents and use them to make better choices in my life. I am Grateful."
      D. C.