Growth requires constant scrutiny. You can play with the numbers all you want. Its people that make you business work. Are the intrinsic values and procedures up to specks.  Performing a review of core values, management and employee values and opinions, hiring criteria, accountability procedures, public opinion and leadership, should be done annually. You wont get straight answers from the inside. 


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      We represent ourselves by the way we appear, sound and move. Confidence moves a certain way. Knowledge sounds a certain way. Positive intention appears a certain way. When a person is confident, knowledgeable and truly believes in what they say they present the particular subject matter in a way that entices others to pay attention. As with all skills they come from enhancing ability through specific practice. We will enhance our knowledge, confidence and develop the abality to speak from the heart.
Managing others requires an understanding of what motivates people.  Learning what motivates us as individuals offers great insight into the motivation of others. By understanding motivation, desire and personal styles managing others makes more sense and offers greater reward and opportunity.
Working or communicating with groups of people requires a deeper understanding of individual styles and how they intermingle.  Learning how different personal styles work with each other allows better coordination and communication among  people.


      Leadership requires knowledge and skills of all the above. True leadership comes from knowing one's self and the challenges one faces in life. With this understanding and through the empowering of others one leadership grows. True leaders do not misuse their power for self-indulgence but for the growth of others. Leadership is a great responsibility and demands constant self-scrutiny. True leaders are not loud and angry they lead with knowledge and experience. Experience requires time and patience to develop. Leadership is earned through diligence and self respect. The leadership program is six months. These six months are used to develop the basic knowledge and abilities so that one can continue developing their abilities into the skills required for leadership. True leadership takes years to develop.


      Motivational speaking is about motivating others. Motivating others requires that  you teach people how to motivate themselves intrinsically. This means  that they can generate their own motivation and don't require others for motivation.  Being motivated  with the crowd is easy motivating one's self through the true goals and aspirations of one's self is crucial for success to be  lasting and fulfilling.