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7 Steps For Emotional Freedom

Ten-Week Program. 1 session every week for 10 weeks - Same time weekly

  • 3,500 US dollars

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A Ten - Week program. The 7 Transformative Steps For Emotional Freedom This program is for dedicated and committed individuals, with ten weeks of weekly assignments and online discussions. This course provides a complete review of all aspects of your emotional life. We will discuss your emotional story, your strengths, and your weaknesses, and your emotional goals. You will learn where your emotions come from, how to become more aware of your emotions, and how to improve emotional control. Each session, we will discuss the previous week's assignments and evaluate your progress. We will use various methods for increasing awareness, understanding our emotional triggers, and learning new ways of responding to your emotions, and reducing stress, anxiety, depression and panic. Learn to understand the relationship between your emotional style and your life outcomes is an important step towards improving your life. This is ten weeks of daily work, and weekly review and discussion. Once you register for the course you will receive materials, forms and videos for you to access during the course. See you there. Louis Scotti Our emotional Life

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