Assessment is the process of getting to know the unique circumstances of your life. Doing this allows us to establish an understanding of where you are and where you want to go in your life.

Goal Clarification
Following the assessment process we will establish goals that reflect your desired path.

Define Plan
We will establish progressive steps that allow you to reach your particular goal.

Develop Resources
With each goal there are unique building blocks necessary for success. We will discover what resources you have in regards to your goal's and those you need to acquire. Doing so will allow us to develop all the resources required to reach the intended goal.

Action Steps
Dependent on the goals and resources you have we will create a specific goal and resourse development program in the form of action steps. There will be daily and weekly assignments along with daily and weekly reviews. This format allows you to gauge your progress.

Resolve Obstacales
Success at any level requires practice. Practice developes abilities into skills. The more skill sought or required the greater the amount of practice and perseverance required. All success requires time to develop there will be obstacles.

More Action
It may take a few attempts to get the desired results. Practice is required to solidify knowledge and develop proper habitual patterns.

Within a short time positive results will become apparent. Great success requires great effort. Self discipline, patience and perseverance are crucial. I will guide, you will do the work

"Lou is a fountain of energy and he lets you take as much as you want"
Bobby Devito