Louis Scotti
Emotion Advisor


Hi, I'm Louis Scotti, Founder of Our Emotional Life & Creator of The Seven Transformative Steps for Emotional Freedom.

Too many of us struggle to control our emotions. The constant stress, anxiety, depression, panic, and a lack of confidence keep you tired and frustrated and prevents you from reaching your goals. It doesn't have to be this way. You are capable of so much more. 

Your Life is About to Get Better!

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Clients learn to understand the cause of their struggle with emotions. They stop feeling overwhelmed and tired all the time, and start living a life with joy, confidence, and optimism. They become more productive, and able to reach their goals. We offer no false promises or gimmicks. Our premise is to put in the work and get the results. Our training changes people's lives.

Lou Did Things Differently!

As founder of Our Emotional Life, Lou spent over five years, over seven thousand hours, creating The 7 Transformative Steps for Emotional Freedom program. The program allows people to have a process for understanding and improving their emotional life, and living the life they deserve. Lou is an author, speaker, mentor, and Emotion Advisor who has helped people worldwide improve their emotional lives.

Your Life is About to Get Better!